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The Belko Experiment hits Blu-ray/DVD & Digital HD this June

I didn't get the chance to check out James Gunn and Greg McLean's THE BELKO EXPERIMENT in theaters so I have been counting down the days until I can peep the movie on VOD and/or buy the flick on Blu-ray. While we still have a ways to wait until the flick is released on disc, I can tell you some cool info on the eventual release. First off, THE BELKO EXPERIMENT hits...
5 days ago
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We talk The Belko Experiment with James Gunn, Greg McLean & Michael Rooker!

It's safe to say that James Gunn has a pretty solid grasp on writing fun characters with terrific humor. Well add to that filmmaker Greg McLean - a man who made Australia insanely scary thanks to WOLF CREEK -  and you have something that is wild and brutal, and yes there is humor. McLean has taken Gunn's script, and crafted a suspenseful thriller...
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Exclusive: James Gunn has ideas for two Belko Experiment sequels

Next Friday, March 17 th, will see the release of one of my most highly anticipated genre movies of the year, the Greg McLean-directed, James Gunn-scripted film THE BELKO EXPERIMENT . The concept of this movie, which has been described as " BATTLE ROYALE meets OFFICE SPACE", seems perfectly designed to deliver intense drama and maximum mayhem. The synopsis:  An American...
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The Belko Experiment posters tease a bad day at the office

We're now less than two weeks out from the release of THE BELKO EXPERIMENT , and in anticipation of the film's theatrical debut a batch of cool posters have arrived online. Nerdist got the exclusive first look at the posters, which can now be seen below. Described as " BATTLE ROYALE meets OFFICE SPACE", THE BELKO EXPERIMENT was directed by Greg McLean from a...
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Lee Hardcastle creates a claymation trailer for The Belko Experiment

The claymation work of Lee Hardcastle first came to my attention when he won the "26th director" contest for THE ABCs OF DEATH and got his claymation short "T is for Toilet" included in the film. Since then, I have continued to be amazed by what Hardcastle can do every time I see one of his videos. On Arrow in the Head we have previously featured his...
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James Gunn shares an extended trailer for The Belko Experiment

One of the most intriguing genre films we have to look forward to in 2017 is the Greg McLean-directed, James Gunn-scripted " BATTLE ROYALE meets OFFICE SPACE" corporate nightmare THE BELKO EXPERIMENT . Earlier this month a second trailer for BELKO was released online (the first trailer was released back in December ), and now Gunn has taken to his Facebook account to...
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Grab your weapons and check out this new poster for The Belko Experiment

Do you hate Mondays? At least you don't work at Belko Industries, the company at the center of director Greg McLean and screenwriter James Gunn's new horror flick THE BELKO EXPERIMENT . The new poster has dropped for the office-set violent thriller, and let's just say it shows off an example of  extremely  inappropriate workplace behavior. Check it out below!...
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IFC's horror-comedy Stan Against Evil is renewed for a second season

Although it has been pretty overshadowed in the horror community by the other  "old dude vs. supernatural forces" series Ash vs. Evil Dead , IFC's  Stan Against Evil has been quietly amassing an audience, becoming one of IFC's most popular new original series. The show, which concluded its first season on November 23rd, has just been renewed for a second...
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Red band trailer hits for Gunn / McLean's The Belko Experiment

Last year, James Gunn did something cool on his Facebook page where, over a series of posts, he personally announced many of the cast members that were signing on for THE BELKO EXPERIMENT , a movie he wrote and produced (with Peter Safran) for Greg McLean to direct. Gunn announced a staggering number of stars because they had to populate a whole office building to properly tell...
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You can watch episode 1 of IFC's horror comedy Stan Against Evil right now!

IFC's horror comedy series Stan Against Evil premieres tomorrow, November 2nd, but in the true tradition of the digital era, you can watch the full episode right the hell now if you want to. It doesn't do much to separate itself from Starz's much better Ash vs. Evil Dead , but it's always good to have genre material, no matter what. Check it out below if you have a...
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Greg McLean / James Gunn film The Belko Experiment gets 2017 release date

It was fun reporting on the James Gunn-scripted, Greg McLean-directed film THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (read our review HERE ) as it was being assembled and heading toward production last year, because the casting announcements were made through Gunn's Facebook page and there are a lot of actors in this film. By the time Gunn was finished, we had reported that John Gallagher Jr., Tony...
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Pics: John C. McGinley channels his inner Ash Williams in Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil , the newest John C. McGinley vehicle (we really don't get enough of those), has a whole new set of images for your perusal! These images prove that the IFC horror-comedy show is perhaps eerily similar to Starz's Ash vs. Evil Dead, but I say there's room for all kinds of people to fight demons in this television landscape. And the demon makeup...
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