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Westworld has added several new cast members for its second season

The first season of the HBO series Westworld ended on a cliffhanger, and the fates of some of its characters remain a mystery. Aside from season one cast members Louis Herthum and Talulah Riley, who have been confirmed to be series regulars in the show's second season, the network isn't saying which actors will be returning - although footage shown at the San Diego Comic-Con...
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Bear witness to The Last Exorcism Part II via its new trailer

Six weeks away are we from witnessing THE LAST EXORCISM PART II , a clear misnomer if the movie does well enough to spawn a third entry. As such, the second, shorter trailer for the film has been unveiled courtesy of Apple. Cop a peek below! With Ashley Bell, Louis Herthum, Spencer Treat Clark, Andrew Sensenig, Muse Watson, Judd Lormand, Julia Garner (below), Joe Chrest, David...
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Behold the official trailer for The Last Exorcism Part II!

Whoa, Nelly's all grown up! Here it is friends, the official trailer for THE LAST EXORCISM PART II , which, yes, follows the demonic exploits of Nell Swetzer (Ashley Bell). First impressions? Looks like the flick has bucked the whole found-footage angle, yet has more sets and locations this go around. It looks okay I suppose, but come on, how many sequels surpass the original?...
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