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Poster, synopsis for British supernatural horror Evil Apparition

We just got word on a chilling new British supernatural horror film currently being shot in Brighton, Cheshire, Doncaster and Manchester titled EVIL APPARITION and we have the films' short synopsis and promotional poster for you to check out below. Directed by Brel Offkel, EVIL APPARITION stars Nathan Head (EXORCIST CHRONICLES), Paul Sutton (ZOMBIE HOOD), Dayna Shuffle (DEAD WALKERS:...
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The 4th Reich rises in this trailer, poster for Dead Walkers

We've seen a huge influx of Nazi-themed horror over the past few years - DEAD SNOW , OUTPOST, IRON SKY, FINAL SOLUTION, FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY, THE 4TH REICH, A CHANCE IN HELL...the list goes on and on. But although those SS baddies seem to have oversaturated the marketplace, filmmakers have found that the well hasn't run dry on those Hitler-loving bastards just yet. Case in point: a new...
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The Psychiatrist trailer is here to diagnose you

THE PSYCHIATRIST invites you to have a seat on the couch and check out the trailer for Richard L. Davies upcoming mental horror film. THE PSYCHIATRIST stars David Hoyle (Uncle David, Velvet Goldmine, Nathan Barley) as Dr. Rosenburg, an insane psychiatrist who attempts to talk his most vulnerable patients into suicide, but when people connected to him who aren't his patients start...
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