The 4th Reich rises in this trailer, poster for Dead Walkers

We’ve seen a huge influx of Nazi-themed horror over the past few years – DEAD SNOW, OUTPOST, IRON SKY, FINAL SOLUTION, FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY, THE 4TH REICH, A CHANCE IN HELL…the list goes on and on. But although those SS baddies seem to have oversaturated the marketplace, filmmakers have found that the well hasn’t run dry on those Hitler-loving bastards just yet. Case in point: a new film from director Philip Gardiner entitled DEAD WALKERS: RISE OF THE 4TH REICH, and we have a peek at the trailer and poster for ya below.

In 1945 the Second World War came to an end and the Nazis fled.

Scientists and military elite escaped across borders and found themselves in new worlds. Some fled to Russia, some the United States and others to South America. But there was another division, a forgotten group. A top secret and powerful team of men and women formed in the womb of the Nazi Occult. Now, decades after the war, their work is nearing completion. The 4th Reich is ready. It’s more powerful and destructive than ever before. An army of hell is coming and only one man knows the truth. His mission now, is to convince the world of a very dark and mysterious army raised in the pit of Nazi hell…

DEAD WALKERS: RISE OF THE 4TH REICH is written and directed by Philip Gardiner (Dark Watchers, The Stone, Lady Of The Dark), produced by Michelle Gent (Dusty The Demon Hunter novels) and Executive Produced by Warren Croyle (Future World: City of Mass Destruction).

The film stars Philip Berzamanis, Jane Haslehurst, Bob Lee, Nathan Head, Rudy Barrow, Jack Burrows, Nikki Webster, Rachel Malone, Eirian Cohen, Melissa Hollett, Kay Vardy, Graham Keith Gill, Dayna Shuffle, Craig Canning and Lelani Phoenix-Hulme.

The film is set to be released later this year. Keep checking back for more informtion as we hear it!

Source: Arrow In The Head

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