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Starz gives Neil Gaiman's American Gods a release date

If you are like me, then you you are currently counting down the days until the eight-episode first season of Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS premieres. Also if you are like me, you have been endlessly frustrated because we had no idea when exactly that would be! I mean we heard word that the series would it's World Premiere at SXSW in March, but where was the news about...
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Timothy Omundson joins Fox's Lucifer in a big role: God himself

The charismatic actor Timothy Omundson has made impressions all over pop culture, having played the roles of King Richard in Galavant, Carlton Lassiter in Psych, Cain in Supernatural, and Brom Garrett in Deadwood. Now he's going to be guest starring on Fox's  Lucifer this Spring in what might be his biggest role yet... God himself? The exact nature of...
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Amazon Studios greenlights a six-part adaptation of Good Omens

Nearly thirty years ago, authors Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett teamed up to write the funniest novel they could about the end of the world. The result was Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch , a book that spans the universe and the entirety of time, featuring angels, demons, a preteen Antichrist, witchfinders, and the Four Horse(people) of the...
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Get a first look at American Gods' Vulcan, played by Corbin Bernsen

Starz's upcoming Neil Gaiman adaptation American Gods has been quiet for some time as it approaches its premiere date in April 2017 , but today we're getting a brand new first look at the character of Vulcan, played by Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law).  Although the character, who is the Roman god of metalworking and volcanoes, wasn't in the source novel, it was Neil...
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Fox's Lucifer gets full season 2 order

Fox might have a surprise success with their series adaptation of The Exorcist , but that doesn't mean they're giving up on the devil. They've just given  Lucifer a full order for its second season, expanding it by 9 episodes to reach a full 22. Says Fox Broadcasting president David Madden Lucifer continues to deliver, with great blasts of dark...
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American Gods gets a trailer, Kristin Chenoweth joins cast

Kristin Chenoweth has joined Ian McShane, Ricky Whittle, Pablo Schreiber, Emily Browning, Bruce Langley, Crispin Glover, Jonathan Tucker, Dane Cook, Cloris Leachman, Peter Stormare, Chris Obi, Mousa Kraish, Gillian Anderson, Orlando Jones, and Demore Barnes in the cast of the Starz television series adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods . The plot posits a war...
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Yetide Badaki is a goddess in this American Gods image

Starz's series adapation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods has been shooting for quite some time, so we're finally getting to see a little bit of what they've been working on. In the latest image from the show, we get to see Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, the ancient goddess of love, in her element. And that element is  gorgeous . Check out the red hot image below!...
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Dane Cook is American Gods' newest cast member

Starz's series based on Neil Gaiman's American Gods has been filming for several weeks now, but they've just made an entirely strange casting coup. No, that headline wasn't a joke. The newest cast member is none other than Dane Cook, who will be playing the main character Shadow Moon's best friend Robbie, who "promises to hold his job for him while...
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A first glimpse at Starz's American Gods comes from on high

We've been talking about  American Gods for so long that it's actually kind of stunning to finally be getting a look at it. I;m not sure I ever really believed this day would come. But it certainly has, and now we have our first look from the set of Starz's Neil Gaiman adaptation. These photos, taking place in a crocodile-themed bar, show Ian McShane, as...
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American Gods deifies Orlando Jones and Demore Barnes

Starz's American Gods   still  isn't done casting, even though it has been shooting in Canada for a couple weeks at this point. The newest members of the massive ensemble are Demore Barnes (12 Monkeys, Hemlock Grove) and Orlando Jones, who plays Frank Irving on Sleepy Hollow and has also appeared on MADtv, Pushing Daisies, and the films BEDAZZLED and FROM DUSK...
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Gillian Anderson has been abducted by American Gods

Gillian Anderson has been killing it on TV lately. She has appeared in the reboot of The X-Files, the British thriller series The Fall, and even the beloved, cancelled-too-soon Hannibal. Now she's joining the cast hotly anticipated  American Gods  (Bryan Fuller just so happens to be showrunning, so I guess there's no question how she got here), adapted by Starz...
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American Gods replaces departed Sean Harris with Pablo Schreiber

Last week saw a shake-up on the set of Starz's series  American Gods , based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name. The original DP was replaced after the shoot became delayed, and actor Sean Harris left the show for personal reasons. The series had already been shooting in Toronto for two weeks, so time was of the essence to find a replacement for Harris' role:...
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