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The Burning soundtrack hits vinyl thanks to One Way Static

Who would have ever thought that classic retro film scores would be coming back in such a big way? The newest addition to the growing collection of resurrected horror music is the original soundtrack to the 1981 slasher  THE BURNING , composed by Rick Wakeman. Coming September 30th , the album will be available on both vinyl and cassette for retro film music geeks everywhere....
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Cool Horror Gear: The Hills Have Eyes on vinyl

There's truly nothing like bringing home a date and popping on the sweet, smooth tunes of Don Peake's soundtrack for THE HILLS HAVE EYES . Now, you can do just that as One Way Static will be releasing the original 1977 Motion Picture Soundtrack on vinyl, and it looks pretty damn cool. Fans of the original film are no doubt going to want to pick this one up. Here are the...
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