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Dissecting Producer Jason Blum

“Jason Blum” Buy PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 here! Two big horror movies are being released this week, one in theaters and one on DVD/Blu-ray, both of which rock the epic tagline of “From the Producer of Insidious and Paranormal Activity”, which is a powerhouse of awesomeness right there, especially for the modern-day horror fan. But let’s be honest:...
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Stephen King's Cell phones Tod Williams to direct

Last Halloween the news broke that an adaptation of Stephen King's CELL was finally moving forward , with John Cusack starring and King himself penning the screenplay with Adam Alleca ( THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT ). All the project needed was a director... Well, King fans, today it has found one. Screen Daily reports that Tod Williams ( PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 ) will sit in the...
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