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The Rocky Horror Picture Show gets a 40th anniversary DVD/Blu release

I may not be on the level of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW fandom where I dress up as the characters and attend midnight screenings, despite the fact that there is a theatre quite close to me that has a midnight screening of the film every month, but I do love the movie. 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the insanely entertaining musical's theatrical debut, and to mark the...
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Blu-ray cover art for The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie's THE LORDS OF SALEM will be hitting shelves on Blu-ray and DVD this September and we now have a look at the film's cover art and I gotta say, it's a bit disappointing. The movie is so strange and off its rocker that I was kind of hoping for something a little more ridiculous than the same image they used on the poster. You can take a peak at the art below along...
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The Lords of Salem Blu-ray/DVD release details

We know you guys have been itching to check out Rob Zombie's THE LORDS OF SALEM for a while now so you should be happy to know that the film is finally making its way onto Blu-ray and DVD in the States on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. The film will arrive on Blu-ray Combo Pack with an UltraViolet Digital Copy and DVD. The 2-disc Blu-ray Combo Pack with an UltraViolet Digital...
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Creepy new image and clip from Lords of Salem features a...bigfoot?

I've been digging everything we've seen so far from Rob Zombie's upcoming fright pic THE LORDS OF SALEM and today we have a new image that is equally as delightful as anything Zombie and company has thrown at us before. The new still, which you can see below, features some sort of Sasquatch-type creature lurking in the darkness behind star Sherri Moon Zombie. Not really sure what it is...
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First clip from Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem rises

We have have gotten our paws on the first clip from Rob Zombie’s THE LORDS OF SALEM , which stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davidson, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Ken Foree, Patricia Quinn, Dee Wallace, Maria Conchita Alonso, Judy Gleeson, Meg Foster and Griffin Boice. In the clip, which you can check out on Deadline by clicking the pic below, we see the films 'witches' brewing over...
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