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Unseen Halloween: Slaughter Hotel (1971)

Welcome to a new, Halloween-centric feature, trick 'r treaters! The Arrow in the Head staff (along with some special guests) will be recommending obscure fright flicks throughout the month of October, hopefully enhancing your "31 Days of Horror"! Welcome to UNSEEN HALLOWEEN! (See previous entries HERE !) PLOT: At a posh and secluded hotel-asylum for affluent psychosexually...
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Sleazy Italian slasher Slaughter Hotel comes to Blu-ray in 2014

Fans of gruesome Italian horror will be pleased to learn that Fernando Di Leo's "La bestia uccide a sangue freddo" - aka SLAUGHTER HOTEL - is receiving a proper Blu-ray release from Raro Video USA in 2014. There is no specific date as of yet. Raro Video USA has been churning out some pretty gnarly and obscure films recently, and they've got more on the way: NIGHTMARE CITY, THE YEAR...
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Horror Ten Spot: Scariest Horror Hotels!

So, you guys and ghouls check into A&E's "Bates Motel" this past Monday? Did you enjoy your stay? I personally can't yet tell if the show will work as a whole, but we all know Vera Farmiga is a hell of an actress, and if anyone can keep us interested, it's surely her. But much like Hitch's forerunning slasher masterpiece on which the new series is based, PSYCHO of course, the titular "motel"...
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