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Holiday Face-Off: Santa Billy Vs. Jack Frost

Everyone seemed to have some nice holiday fun with our last Face-Off . It was cool seeing people agree and support the often maligned Black X-mas by recognizing that it did possess enough cheesy charm to take out the also fun Silent Night remake. Today, on this merry Christmas Eve, we are bringing you our final holiday Face-Off and pitting two Christmas characters against each other...
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Cool Horror Videos: Trick 'R Treat's Sam gets into the Christmas spirit

It isn't a TRICK 'R TREAT sequel, but the interstitial below is certainly the next best thing. Sam, the diminutive, pumpkinheaded mascot of the 2007 anthology, has returned to spread his own brand of holiday cheer. Helping a little girl make a snowy sculputure, Sam reminds us you can't have a snowman without the "man." The promo is directed by Michael Doughtery, who was behind TRICK 'R...
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