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Horror Movie Hotties: Scream: The Series (2015)

Who's been keeping up with the first season of the television spin-off/reboot Scream ? Nobody? What a shocker! The series would've been described as a disappointment, but that would mean anyone gave to blood splatters about it to begin with. MTV has given us no reason to doubt their evil scheme to ruin perfectly decent franchises (okay, maybe Teen Wolf isn't the...
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Kill of the Day: Scream 2 (1997)

I'm a sucker for the SCREAM franchise. There, I said it. When I really hit my stride in the horror genre it was because of this franchise. In particular I guess you could say it was because of SCREAM 2 in a weird way... Long story. Anyway, I'm celebrating this today with a Kill of the Day from the second SCREAM film. In this clip we've got Sidney Prescott once again having trouble...
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