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David Fincher will direct World War Z sequel

It has been a rumor for more than half a year, but today it looks as if it is now a reality: Variety is reporting that David Fincher will direct WORLD WAR Z 2 , which would reunite him with old pal Brad Pitt. Fincher's name had first popped up last August , when it started to become clear Pitt was actively wooing the director to jump aboard the sequel. This will be the fourth...
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World War Z 2 set for release on June 9, 2017

A $190 million production that famously brought in new writers during post to craft an entirely different third act which required seven weeks of additional shooting, the adaptation of Max Brook's novel WORLD WAR Z could have been a disaster for Paramount Pictures. Instead, the movie ended up bringing in over $540 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing zombie film ever....
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World War Z 2 to start with a clean slate, shoot in October

Will WORLD WAR Z 2 be a completely different monster from the first movie? That could be the takeaway based on this interesting statement from the sequel's screenwriter Steven Knight (EASTERN PROMISES, LOCKE). In an interview with Thompson on Hollywood, the Oscar-nominated scribe explains why he took the gig and how it differs from Marc Forster's original: "I thought, 'why not?...
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Steven Knight to write the World War Z sequel

Wow, for a second there I forgot all about the sequel to WORLD WAR Z ! Well guess what? Today the sequel made a little bit of movement as Variety reports that the Oscar-nominated scribe Steven Knight has been tapped to write Paramount and Skydance's sequel to WORLD WAR Z. And that’s about it… I know it’s not much, but it’s nice to know that this one is...
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Nikolaj Arcel to helm remake of Hitchcock's Rebecca

In the annals of cinematic history there are very few directors that are held in as high regard as the original Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. His 1940 gothic psychological thriller REBECCA has long been hailed as one of his masterworks and today we have news that Nikolaj Arcel is set to direct the Dreamworks-produced remake of the Master's first American project. Deadline is...
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Tom Hardy set to star in real time action-thriller Locke

Tom Hardy is a badass, plain and simple. The guy can act circles around most of his peers and has solidified himself as one of the busiest actors in the game today. In my opinion there isn't a single role the man couldn't tackle and make a film all the better for it. So it is always with heavy interest when I hear of Hardy taking on a new role, and his latest sounds like it will kick an...
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