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Kill of the Day: Red State (2011)

With the recent news that Kevin Smith would once again be diving into our genre I thought we would take a look back at his previous genre flick, the cult-like thriller RED STATE. I'm a big Kevin Smith fan and I actually liked the movie a lot for what it was. For today's Kill of the Day we take a look at a pretty vicious scene from the flick where a couple teens get gunned down in cold...
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Trio to fall victim to The Curse of Downers Grove

Bella Heathcote, Lucas Till ( STOKER ), and Penelope Mitchell (HEMLOCK GROVE) have just signed on for the new psychological thriller THE CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE, to be directed by award-winning filmmaker Derick Martini from a screenplay by Martini and Bret Easton Ellis ( AMERICAN PSYCHO ). A small midwestern town is gripped by a curse that claims the life of one high school senior...
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