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Bill Paxton planned to return to directing horror with The Bottoms

As people are currently talking circles around the late Bill Paxton's acting credits (as well they should be, the man was a multi-layered genius) there seems to be a bit of neglect going on regarding Bill Paxton the director.  And what a director he was. 2001's horror-thriller FRAILTY is one of the top genre entries of the 2000's, or any decade. Filled with...
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Bill Paxton to direct adaptation of Joe Lansdale's The Bottoms

Paradise City, the newly-minted production label of Paris-based Memento Films International, has tapped Bill Paxton to direct the adaptation of prolific author Joe Lansdale’s THE BOTTOMS, according to Deadline. Lansdale's stories have lent themselves well to film, with the classic BUBBA HO-TEP and the recent COLD IN JULY coming to mind. THE BOTTOMS, a racially-themed novel...
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