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Stephen King's Joyland hitting shelves this June

There aren't many authors who can scare up the thrills as effectively as Stephen King. That's reason numero uno that anytime The Master announces a new book our attention is piqued. But when you add in the fact that his latest, the thrilling ride through the funhouse of fear titled "Joyland", is being released through Titan Publishing's Hard Case Crime collection (who also handled King's...
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Infamous postmortem classic Nekromantik 25th Anniversary DVD coming our way

Controversial German filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit's cult classic NEKROMANTIK is getting a special 25th Anniversary DVD treatment from the folks at Titan Video, and we have some of the deets on what to expect. NEKROMANTIC is the controversial cult film that was banned in a number of countries due to its transgressive subject matter (which includes necrophilia) and its copious amounts...
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