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SyFy announces Sharknado sequel

You knew it was inevitable. With the viral success of last weeks SHARKNADO there was never any doubt SyFy would move forward with a sequel, and earlier today a press release went out confirming that SHARKNADO 2 is indeed in the works. And while the first film saw the City of Angels being overrun by flying maneaters from the deep, the sequel will take place on the other coast with...
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Were you caught up in the Sharknado last night? SyFy/The Asylum scores big on social networks

If you were on Twitter last night then you couldn't escape the thousands of tweets about SyFy's SHARKNADO, which became the top trending topic of the evening, with even Hollywood heavyweights such as Damon Lindelof joining in the fun. The movie centered on (you guessed it!) a tornado filled with sharks. Whatever the reason for the abnormal weather conditions, the sharks...
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