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Silk Spectre aka Malin Akerman is the villian in Rampage w/ Dwayne Johnson

Malin Akerman is best known around these parts for starring in the horror comedy THE FINAL GIRLS , and as the chick who cheats on "the blue guy" with Patrick Wilson's Nite Owl II in Zack Snyder's take on the Alan Moore graphic novel WATCHMEN .  Silk Spectre is nabbing the last major role in the Dwayne Johnson RAMPAGE movie. New Line's adaptation of...
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Dissecting Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN! Quick show of hands...how many Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans do we have in the house? More specifically, how do we think JDM has done so far in assuming the villainous mantle of Negan in The Walking Dead? Is he comporting the role with the requisite terror and charisma that made the character so damn popular on the page? Is he, dare we ask, more...
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Dissecting Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“Jeffrey Dean Morgan” Buy THE RESIDENT here! Being a fan of the genre on the big and small screen, one man has made a name and a presence for himself over the years that makes him hard to ignore as one of the modern-day genre stars, no matter the scale of the projects he’s involved with. That man’s name is Jeffrey Dean Morgan (JDM), and...
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