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John Landis says Universal's Dark Universe isn't respectful of the monsters

Last week I shared a box office prediction post that said Universal's Dark Universe kick-off flick THE MUMMY , starring Tom Cruise was only set to make about $30M this past weekend. Turns out the film did (slightly) better than that and scored $32M. As I said in that post and will say again here, that may not seem like a small chunk of change, but when you consider that even...
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The Mummy reboot may already be a flop at the box office

Well, that was fast. Usually, I am one that keeps mucho up-to-date on all things related to the box office. I don't tend to post many stories about that here as peeps don't seem to care nearly as much as I do about such things. I get that some of the most classic flicks of our genre made zero bucks at the box office - and also that some of the worst have made bucko...
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What movies are you watching this weekend?

This new to column is pretty self explanatory. I'm gonna share with yall what I'll be watching this weekend. And you share with us what you'll be tapping via the comment section below. So here it goes! This weekend, am taking a horror break! Am in a James Bond mood! So on my slate: THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN , THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS and GOLDENEYE .  So what about you?...
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