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David Fincher is in talks to direct the World War Z sequel

Although a massive box office hit, the 2013 zombie epic WORLD WAR Z , which starred Brad Pitt and was loosely based on the novel by Max Brooks, wasn't exactly warmly embraced by the horror community. Because of this, there probably aren't many who mind that the sequel Brad Pitt, Paramount Pictures, and Skydance Productions have been plotting isn't coming together very...
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World War Z sequel lets go of director J.A. Bayona

Back in November , it was reported that Paramount had won out in a tug-of-war with Universal over director J.A. Bayona: Universal wanted the director of THE ORPHANAGE and THE IMPOSSIBLE to take the helm of their upcoming JURASSIC WORLD sequel, but Paramount had him locked into a holding deal to direct the sequel to WORLD WAR Z for them. Unfortunately, Bayona won't be...
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World War Z sequel holds on to director J.A. Bayona, adds new writer

After directing  JURASSIC WORLD to record-breaking success, Colin Trevorrow has opted not to return to helm the inevitable sequel, so Universal is searching for a replacement. One filmmaker they set their sights on was J.A. Bayona, director of THE ORPHANAGE and THE IMPOSSIBLE, but there was an insurmountable issue: Paramount already has a holding deal with Bayona to direct...
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Top 10 Deadly Virus Flicks Part 2!

COOTIES. You hate 'em. I hate 'em. We all hate 'em. That said, the new horror comedy of the same name spreading around the globe this Friday looks to be like the most infectiously fun-filled deadly virus flick to come along in some time. Remember, way back in 2011, we ran down our list of Top 10 Deadly Virus flicks, and now, in honor of both COOTIES and the ever-metastasizing strain of the...
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World War Z 2 set for release on June 9, 2017

A $190 million production that famously brought in new writers during post to craft an entirely different third act which required seven weeks of additional shooting, the adaptation of Max Brook's novel WORLD WAR Z could have been a disaster for Paramount Pictures. Instead, the movie ended up bringing in over $540 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing zombie film ever....
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World War Z 2 to start with a clean slate, shoot in October

Will WORLD WAR Z 2 be a completely different monster from the first movie? That could be the takeaway based on this interesting statement from the sequel's screenwriter Steven Knight (EASTERN PROMISES, LOCKE). In an interview with Thompson on Hollywood, the Oscar-nominated scribe explains why he took the gig and how it differs from Marc Forster's original: "I thought, 'why not?...
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Steven Knight to write the World War Z sequel

Wow, for a second there I forgot all about the sequel to WORLD WAR Z ! Well guess what? Today the sequel made a little bit of movement as Variety reports that the Oscar-nominated scribe Steven Knight has been tapped to write Paramount and Skydance's sequel to WORLD WAR Z. And that’s about it… I know it’s not much, but it’s nice to know that this one is...
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Kill of the Day: World War Z (2013)

Just the other day I finally had a chance to tap WORLD WAR Z and Ive got to say, it was a bit better than I expected. Don't get me wrong, the thing is far from great... but I had fun with it! Hey if those zombies were actually extras with make-up this thing could've really been something! If only, right? Anyway for today's Kill of the Day we're taking a look at WORLD WAR Z and this...
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The Orphanage director on board for World War Z sequel

WORLD WAR Z was quite the surprise hit this year as it raked in more than $500 million worldwide at the box office—those are some sequel numbers right there, folks! We've known about the sequel for quite a while now, but there has always been a big question mark as to who would take the helm ever since Marc Forster left the project. Today word has come in from THR that Juan...
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Marc Forster explains decision to change World War Z's ending

A lot has been said about WORLD WAR Z 's troubled shoot, from budgetary issues to the well-documented issues with the ending of the film, but now that the film has been released to favorable reviews, has hit home video and a sequel is in the works , director Marc Forster has opened up about the shoot to Empire, sharing that he's " very, very happy " with the end...
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What does George A. Romero think of The Walking Dead?

Let's face it: without George A. Romero there wouldn't be "The Walking Dead". The Godfather of the zombie genre, whose NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remains one of the greatest horror films of all time and kickstarted the zombie craze, recently sat down with Big Issue to comment on the hit AMC series (as well as take a dig at the Brad Pitt-starring WORLD WAR Z ),...
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Director Marc Forster will not return for the World War Z sequel

We've known for a little while now that there was indeed going to be a sequel to WORLD WAR Z , and now in a recent interview with THR Brad Pitt reveals that they'll be searching for a new director. Right now Plan B's sequel is still in its nascent stages, and confirmed to the site that director Marc Forster won’t be back. The director's departure doesn't come...
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