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Star Wars: Episode VII's John Boyega says he wants a role in a Marvel movie


John Boyega is a bit of a comic book nerd (his words, not mine), and yesterday the STAR WARS: EPISODE VII star posted a bunch of Marvel-related tweets on his Twitter, including how he's "aiming" for a role in a Marvel movie. Boyega then teased which character he would like to play.

Wakanda is a fictional African nation in the Marvel Universe, and home to Black Panther, a character we know Marvel is at least a little interested in bringing to the big screen. Because the San Diego Comic-Con begins tonight, some believe Boyega's "currently booking a flight to Wakanda" means he's actually heading to the event, but I think people are reading a little too much into his comment. In fact, after one of John Boyega's followers suggested Nova Prime, the actor said, "He is cool too!"

However, there have been plenty of surprises at previous SDCC, so there's a chance Marvel will announce something involving Black Panther. Not saying the announcement is going to be John Boyega has been cast as Black Panther, but I wouldn't be shocked if Marvel does reveal their movie plans for the character.

One thing I do find interesting is John Boyega specifically says he wants a role in a Marvel movie, and not just any comic book movie. We should remember Star Wars and Marvel are both owned by Disney, so they might be able to figure a way to work around his STAR WARS: EPISODE VII schedule, or at least it would be easier than if he wanted to play a DC character. Again, not saying John Boyega is a lock to play Black Panther or any other Marvel character, but it's definitely not out of the question either. Are you down with John Boyega as Black Panther, or would you rather see him play a different character in Marvel's Cinematic Universe?

John Boyega's STAR WARS: EPISODE VII will open on December 18, 2015.

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