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T.J. Miller is optimistic not to be working with Michael Bay again


TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION came and delivered pretty much exactly what everyone thought it would, which is generally low ratings and about a billion dollars in worldwide grosses. This brings us to comedian Doug Benson who has been rocking a podcast appropriately titled Doug Loves Movies. In the most recent entry, T.J. Miller guest-starred and the topic of TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION came up. I think it'll come as no shock that Bay can be a little abrasive on-set, but Miller decided to give us his take on why he's optimistic to not work with him again.

T.J. Miller on what it was like to work with Michael Bay:

Ya know, he has a specific way of communicating with people. Once he said to me, "Nothing that you've said is funny T.J.! Not one thing all day! We hired you to be funny! There's 300 people here! None of them are laughing at you! Say something funny! I can still cut you out of the movie!" And I said, "Michael, I would love that because then I would be able to leave right this instant!" And he said, "Say something funny! You haven't even made the Make-a-Wish kids laugh!" To be fair to him, I hadn't, and they were standing there like, "This . . . was not our wish." Then the second the cameras stopped rolling he would say, "Hey, do you wanna get sushi and grab drinks?" It was a very bi-polar experience.

In regards to watching the finished film:

What's random to me is that I'm in the movie. It feels like some buddy of mine was like, "Hey, I got this editor to CGI you into Transformers and you look like a f*ckin' idiot."

I've always been a fan of T.J.'s particular brand of humor, although not enough to go catch AGE OF EXTINCTION in theaters. As indifferent as I am towards the series as a whole, I'll be excited to see a different filmmaker tackle this particular brand and (fingers crossed) bring us a Transformers flick under two hours. Is that even a thing any more? A summer blockbuster under two hours? Regardless, if you dig T.J. Miller's voicework, he'll be one of the titular heroes in Disney/Marvel's BIG HERO 6 that hits theaters November 7.

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION is out in theaters now.



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