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Cool Videos: A Supercut of Movie Scenes in Movie Theaters

When you go to a movie theater, somewhere between the 30 minutes of preshow commercials and 20 minutes of movie trailers, you usually get what's called a "Policy Trailer". These trailers are made by the theater chain to inform the audience what to do and not do inside their theater: no smoking, no talking, turn off your cell phone, etc. Whether or not the audience actually...
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Cool Videos: Judd Apatow and comedian Maria Bamford remember the '90s

Ah, the 1990s. Randy "The Ram" Robinson might have thought they sucked , but I have many fond memories about the decade. Bill Clinton was in office for most of it, directors like Kevin Smith , P.T. Anderson and Quentin Tarantino got their starts and dubstep didn't exist. Yes, the '90s were awesome. Vanity Fair is celebrating its 100th anniversary and asked...
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Cool Videos: Two videos that recreate the opening sequence for The Walking Dead as a drama and as a sitcom

Yesterday we brought you a very cheesy video of the title sequence for Game of Thrones done like it was from the 1990s. So why not show you one for The Walking Dead? Better yet, why not TWO? The first one is styled like The Walking Dead is a drama from the 90s. It might be because of Rick's cowboy hat but it definitely has a Walker, Texas Ranger feel to it. And how perfect is the...
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