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Samara has returned in a creepy new trailer for Rings

By my calculations, it was only two days ago when Samara appeared in a new poster for F. Javier Gutierrez 's RINGS. This is giving me a cause for concern, seeing as it’s supposed to take a total of 7 days for her to arrive in all of her pale, crab-crawling glory. Welp, it appears as if she’s broken her own set of rules, because today, Samara has arrived in the latest...
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Cool Videos: Fan trailer imagines Batman and Robin if done by Tim Burton

In many ways we should be thankful to Joel Schumacher for BATMAN AND ROBIN. The late-90’s opus put a nail in the Bat’s coffin until Christopher Nolan decided to bring him back from the dead. Who knows how much sillier the movies would’ve gotten had it succeeded? It’s hard to picture that kind of hell. The movie has its ironic fans, but the movie is truly...
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Get ready for 90's nostalgia as Extreme Liefeld cinematic universe coming

So it seems Rob Liefeld and Akiva Goldsman are teaming up to create something called, no joke, the " Extreme Cinematic Universe ". 80's nostalgia is officially dead people, and that sentence just killed it. Apparently they're setting up this universe with a bunch of comic-book characters that sound like the line-up for a metal concert:...
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Samara warns that she does not forget in new poster for Rings

Back in the 80s, it felt as if Horror film icons were cementing themselves into pop culture at a breakneck pace. It used to be that you couldn’t look at a goalie without thinking of Jason Voorhees, order a pizza without imagining the meatballs as tiny, screaming heads as prepared by Freddy Krueger, or cringe at the lifeless stare of a My Buddy doll without the fear of it going all...
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Matthew McConaughey turned down Guardians Vol. 2 to do The Dark Tower

With both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe filling up schedules for the next few years, we've got more than enough comic-book movies on the way, which also means that almost any big-name actor who wants to join up will likely get their chance. Not every actor wants to join a superhero franchise however and it turns out that Matthew McConaughey is one of...
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Parker Posey to play Dr. Smith in Netflix's Lost in Space series

Oh, the pain, the pain of it all! After successfully picking up the rights to Lost in Space and giving it a 10-episode straight-to-series order , the Netflix remake of the classic Irwin Allen TV series has been putting together its cast for the last few months. Toby Stephens (Black Sails) will play John Robinson and Molly Parker (Deadwood) will play Maureen Robinson, with...
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Rob Liefeld's lesser-known comic character Avengelyne to get her own movie

Rob "I can't draw feet" Liefeld must be riding high as he witnessed his creation DEADPOOL dominate the box-office earlier this year (although the current, fourth-wall breaking incarnation of the character wasn't really part of Leifeld's version). So it's no wonder that Hollywood is rifling through his back catalogue for some more box-office gold....
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The Dark Tower pushed back to summer 2017

Just like a Band-Aid…just like a Band-Aid. Alright, here it goes. THE DARK TOWER is being pushed back from February 2017 to an unofficial date in the summer, according to an exclusive from EW. I will give you a few moments to throw whatever loose objects are around you, and to scream at children passing by. Don’t worry, they’ll understand. Sources told EW...
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Ron Howard addresses the possibility of directing future Dark Tower movies

THE DARK TOWER is almost here, which is amazing to think about because the movie almost didn’t happen. Going through a series of directors and actors , the movie seemed doomed to cinematic purgatory. But that hell is behind us, and Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are months away from rocking our socks off. We also have producer Ron Howard to thank for sticking with...
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Rings moves from Halloween to Valentine's Day; Friday the 13th pushed back

Ah, the month of February! Love is in the air, flowers are starting to bloom and chocolate flows in the rivers. It's the perfect time for romance, merrymaking and SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR LOVED ONES. Oh yeah, February, you got a new visitor coming your way. Yes, Paramount has announced (via Variety ) that the franchise reboot, RINGS, has just been pushed from the seemingly...
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Ron Howard is still developing companion TV series for The Dark Tower

It may have taken several years, but audiences will finally be getting an adaptation of Stephen King 's The Dark tower come next February. If you've followed the news over the years, you'd know that plans have been pretty ambitious for the series, including talk of multiple films and even a TV show to compliment the movies. As of now, only the initial film is a sure thing,...
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Idris Elba has completed filming on The Dark Tower

Elba has left the building. Wasn’t that intro perfect? I mean it just came to me. Anyway, during a Twitter Q&A actor Idris Elba revealed he has not only completed work on THE DARK TOWER, but that director Nikolaj Arcel said edits are going smoothly.: I'm done filming, spoke to the director the other day and he said the edit is coming along really well....
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