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Father of the Bride actor says we're closer than ever to a third film

Recently, FATHER OF THE BRIDE actor George Newbern participated in an interview with Us Weekly , and revealed that Charles Shyer , director and co-writer of the first two films has completed a script for another installment to the franchise. While talks about getting the original cast back together are happening as well, fans of the Steve Martin -led comedy films will...
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UPDATE: Steve Martin to reprise his role in Father of the Bride 3

UPDATE: Steve Martin has taken to Twitter to refute any knowledge of the third FATHER OF THE BRIDE movie. While that doesn't mean it isn't happening, it certainly doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement. Yet another mid-nineties film is getting a sequel two decades after the last one. This time it is FATHER OF THE BRIDE. The first two films were box office successes directed...
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