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Bob Odenkirk deals with murder & romance cards in Girlfriend's Day trailer

Although Netflix has been in the original programming game for close to five years, it really hasn't been all that long since the streaming service released their first original movie (not counting documentaries), but, from the looks of things, they're showing no signs of slowing down. The upcoming year will see Netflix release many more original movies, including...
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Akiva Goldsman to rewrite the screenplay for The Ring 3D

It has been twelve years since Gore Verbinski 's THE RING heralded a boom of Japanese horror remakes in Hollywood. It has also been nine years since Japanese director Hideo Nakata all but killed the craze with the awful THE RING TWO. Now, it looks like after all this time, a third American entry in THE RING franchise is chugging along. Previously announced to be directed by F....
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Quentin Tarantino confirms that filming on Hateful Eight will begin in 2015

Earlier this month, Kurt Russell said that he may start shooting THE HATEFUL EIGHT with Tarantino around the beginning of next year . Despite Tarantino seeming like he had warmed up to the idea of shooting a version of THE HATEFUL EIGHT, there had been no confirmation from the studio or QT himself. It's possible QT was just waiting for the right venue to convey the news, as he's...
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Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight may start shooting in early 2015

When Quentin Taratino's latest script, THE HATEFUL EIGHT, leaked for the masses the read, the man said he would shelve the project, but not before showcasing a three-hour reading with a well-rounded cast . Either Tarantino calmed down by that point or he loves the material too much to let it go, as the idea came to him to write a different third act and still film it. It seems that...
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Quentin Tarantino has "calmed down", may film The Hateful Eight in November

Quentin Tarantino fans may still end up getting to see THE HATEFUL EIGHT and sooner than we imagined. After his first draft of the screenplay was leaked online and his lawsuit against Gawker was thrown out of court, Tarantino has apparently calmed down a bit and may begin filming the follow-up to DJANGO UNCHAINED this November. According to Showbiz 411 , Tarantino has been...
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Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight might still happen with new ending

Quentin Tarantino held a staged reading for his leaked THE HATEFUL EIGHT script on Saturday, where the director revealed he is working on a second draft of the script with a completely different ending. Tarantino told the crowd the script is divided into five different chapters, and the fifth chapter (titled "Black Night, White Hell") will be rewritten or removed....
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Failed living dead series Babylon Fields may get a second life at NBC

The living dead are all the rage these days on television with THE WALKING DEAD premiering to record ratings and The CW preparing their own series called THE RETURNED. NBC wants in on the action and are re-developing the series BABYLON FIELDS. I say re-developing because BABYLON FIELDS was already a highly touted pilot from six years ago that never made it onto the CBS schedule....
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