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Review: Aftershock

PLOT : It is one gigantic party when a trio of fellas find themselves searching for loud music, lots of alcohol and a bevy of beauties in Chile. They find what they are looking for but when a massive earthquake hits and leaves the city in shambles, they must find a way to survive from impending doom, destruction and death. REVIEW : There is some serious tension that is brewing...
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The red band trailer for Aftershock features T&A, gore, and a tsunami

We haven't had a fun disaster movie in a long time. Gone are the days of THE TOWERING INFERNO or EARTHQUAKE. In recent years, the disaster movies have been more fact-based like THE IMPOSSIBLE or action epics like THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. What we need is a good, gory disaster movie. In comes Eli Roth and director Nicolas Lopez with AFTERSHOCK. Last year we got the green band...
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