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Activision Blizzard launch own studios to create franchise-based content

Activision Blizzard is getting into the content game for themselves. Today the company announced they'd be launching their own film and television studio in order to create original content based on their popular intellectual properties. Former Disney executive Nick van Dyk will co-head the division with another creative executive yet to be announced working next to him to build the...
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Producer plans to continue the rebooted Left Behind franchise

Long gone are the days of a Nicolas Cage movie breaking $100 million at the box office. In fact, even when he tries to make a religious-themed movie like LEFT BEHIND that should cater to an audience thirsty for films in their spiritual wheelhouse, he still manages to barely register as a blip on the charts. LEFT BEHIND has grossed just $13 million domestically, still $3 million shy of...
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Review: Left Behind

PLOT: When millions of people disappear in “The Rapture” those left behind have to deal with the knowledge that the world as they know it is over, and that the darkest period in human history is about to be upon them. REVIEW: For those of you not in the know, LEFT BEHIND is a big franchise as far as Evangelical Christian stuff goes. It started as a series of...
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Nicolas Cage is right in front of Left Behind trailer

If Kirk Cameron wasn't presence enough to get your rapture fix cranked up to 11, then you're in luck! The LEFT BEHIND saga is taking a cue from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and rebooting its series with a lead that's more popular with the teenage girls these days; Nicolas Cage . Now a trailer is here so you can see how many explosions they're bringing to the table. For those...
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Review: Scary Movie 5

PLOT: Spoofing the movie MAMA, a young couple, Dan ( Simon Rex ) and Jody ( Ashley Tisdale ), gets custody of Dan's late brother's kids, who are haunted by a ghostly spectre. REVIEW: Every once in a while a movie comes along that's just jaw-dropping in it's badness. I've reviewed a few of them here; movies like PASSION PLAY, ALL ABOUT STEVE, TWIXT, NEW YEAR'S EVE,...
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More self-referential jokes from Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in this new clip for Scary Movie 5

With a seven year gap between films four and five and the similiar parody A HAUNTED HOUSE just released not too long ago, I can't help but think this may be the last film we see in the SCARY MOVIE franchise for a while. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking. These films usually have a reasonable budget so we could be seeing SCARY MOVIE 6 through 37 until the day we die but I'm hoping that...
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The second trailer for Scary Movie 5 throws in homages to Mama, Sinister, and Evil Dead

If you weren't already excited to see SCARY MOVIE 5, now you will be even less so. The latest trailer for the horror spoof movie is just as desperate and redundant as the last one. But, the filmmakers decided to shift the focus from PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and add some more recent horror references, namely SINISTER, MAMA, INSIDIOUS, and the remake of EVIL DEAD. I can't help but say this...
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Chad Michael Murray and Ashley Tisdale join Nicolas Cage's remake of Left Behind

Looks like Nicolas Cage 's remake of the LEFT BEHIND series of faith-based action movies just got a little more interesting. Just kidding, it still sounds like it is going to be a trainwreck. But, at least now it will be a trainwreck featuring appealing young stars! Deadline is reporting that Ashley Tisdale , of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL fame, is joining LEFT BEHIND. Tisdale will...
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The trailer for Scary Movie 5 is the final nail in that franchise's coffin

Because you have all been clamoring for it, the trailer for SCARY MOVIE 5 is finally here! Despite seven years since the fourth film, someone still thought it was a good idea to make another spoof of the horror genre that nobody asked for. The first couple of SCARY MOVIE titles were fun, but once it got to part 3, they just became tedious. Then the onslaught of spoofs like EPIC MOVIE...
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The first image from Scary Movie 5 is a meeting of PR car wrecks

I am pretty sure the world stopped caring about SCARY MOVIE after the second one, but here we are talking about SCARY MOVIE 5. At this point, the buzz for the spoof is more about Lindsay Lohan and whether she will live through production. With her recent hit and run, it remains to be seen if they will even finish this movie. But, today we have our first official look at SCARY MOVIE...
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Did Lindsay Lohan try to get out of Scary Movie 5?

It's not like we were begging for another sequel to the SCARY MOVIE franchise, but that's not stopping Hollywood from churning one out.  And why shouldn't they?  They're relatively cheap to make with B-list stars and cheesy effects and the box office/video receipts prove that it's a bankable franchise.  Thus, ol' Tiger Blood himself, Charlie Sheen, is jumping into the satire series again,...
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Take a ride with three promos and a behind-the-scenes look at FX's Sons of Anarchy season 5

Kurt Sutter's brilliant FX series Sons of Anarchy is set to return in a few weeks and today we have a round up of promos and a behind-the-scenes look at the fifth season.  The outlaw motorcycle club action/drama series follows a Hamlet-esque tale about family, murder, betrayal, and revenge, which often leads to tragedy, making for one of the most anxious and engrossing shows on...
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