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Best Selling DVDs/Blu-Rays on (December 2012)

December was another great month in terms of the best-selling Blu-Rays & DVDs list which included no less than 2 DARK KNIGHT titles in the top four, as well as three "collections" which were surely popular during the Christmas holidays: THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY , BOND 50 and INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES . We also got a...
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Best Selling DVDs/Blu-Rays on (November 2012)

November and December are generally the year's best months in terms of online sales and our site is no different with November's best-selling Blu-Rays & DVDs list including a ton of items that were on sale during Cyber Monday (the ALIEN ANTHOLOGY on Blu-Ray for only $30), as well as some of the biggest hits from this past...
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