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The Legend of Conan is gearing up for a Spring 2015 shoot

While Arnold Schwarzenegger has his hands full filming TERMINATOR: GENESIS, many are left wondering whether or not he's going to get around to another CONAN flick afterwards. Fortunately, TheArnoldFans recently spoke with producer Fredrik Malmberg on the status of THE LEGEND OF CONAN, and he had some good things to say. Fredrik Malmberg, producer on THE LEGEND OF CONAN, said...
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The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat: Conan the Barbarian(1982)

We have been experiencing some small technical problems with the chatroom. You can still access it easily by clicking the picture below and typing in the comment bar this command. /join #moviefancentral Thief. Warrior. Gladiator. King. He's been called many things. I prefer to call him the baddest motherfucker in all of the valleys. This week, we look back on a...
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Will Arnold Schwarzenegger lead a new Conan trilogy?

What's better than one CONAN movie? Three! When Paradox Entertainment obtained the rights to CONAN THE BARBARIAN, we already knew that THE LEGEND OF CONAN starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was coming. Now there's a chance of a whole new trilogy if things go well. Fredrik Malmberg, CEO of Paradox Entertainment laid it out: "We have a great story. This is a role thatís...
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