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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Conan the Barbarian is the film that kicked off the fantasy film revival of the eighties. Expected to be a huge blockbuster, Conan the Barbarian paved the way for all the clones that would follow, but the original John Milius film is often overlooked when it comes to star Arnold Schwarzenegger's filmography. Boasting a script by Oliver Stone and James Earl Jones as the villain, Conan holds up well as one of the better fantasy epics of the era. In this episode of Fantasizing About Fantasy Films, we go into not only the production of the film, but also the tragic life of creator Robert E. Howard, and the ongoing legacy of the character, with a recent Jason Momoa-led reboot not working, while many are clamouring for Arnold to return to the role as Conan the King!

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