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Charlize Theron in talks to join Sean Penn's refugee drama The Last Space

Sean Penn hasn't directed a movie since 2007's INTO THE WILD, but he's planning on filming a new project this summer, and it may star Charlize Theron . Several sources have told The Wrap Theron is in talks to join the drama THE LAST SPACE, however a representative for Sean Penn did say the film is still in the early stages of development. Theron will join French...
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Interview: Killer Joe star Emile Hirsch

Whether it's with a crucifix or a chicken leg, William Friedkin's ability to penetrate America is almost incomparable (that just happened). With KILLER JOE, everyone gets dirty... but nobody takes a continuous beating quite like Emile Hirsch. It's comparable to Bruce Campbell in EVIL DEAD 2 or Linda Blair in THE EXORCIST, it's admirable to see a thespian suffer for his art! I've...
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