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Director George Nolfi takes on Bruce Lee biopic Birth of the Dragon

The Bruce Lee biopic BIRTH OF THE DRAGON is starting to move along having just grabbed director George Nolfi to helm the project. Nolfi you might recognize as he wrote and directed THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU and wrote OCEAN'S TWELVE and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM . I had never heard of the project until now but I’m happy to hear it's not yet another movie about the man who...
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Director of The Adjustment Bureau to collaborate with screenwriter of The Last Stand on sci-fi project

THE LAST STAND, written by one Andrew Knauer , is in theaters today. And in a fun turn, the believers have been vindicated by solid reviews across the board for the action flick.  While every project changes once a director becomes involved, and the dynamism of Kim Jee-woon's presence is not to be denied, plenty of praise has been direct Knauer's way for a tight, exciting,...
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