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Here's the first trailer for the next DC animated film Son of Batman

Some of the strongest content Iíve seen come from comic adaptations has been made into DC animated films. A good example would be BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD which holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 88% from film viewers which may not mean much to you, but I think itís pretty damn good for an animated flick. BATMAN: YEAR ONE was a good watch as well though didnít really touch on the...
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Comics: Batman loses another Robin as writer Grant Morrison closes his run on the Bat-books at DC

For those keeping up with the current Bat-family of books, which just wrapped an epic Joker-themed storyline called "Death of the Family," the biggest shake up to happen since Bruce Wayne's death a few years back during Final Crisis is upon us.  It may not involve Bruce Wayne, but it certainly affects his offsprint. Damian Wayne, the current Robin, is a precocious, violent, and...
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RZA roundup: sixteen sick new posters for The Man With the Iron Fists and his next directing gig

There's this movie coming out, right? It's called THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS.  Shit looks off the kung-fu hook .  It's got Russell Crowe, it's got RZA, it's got this gold Colossus dude, it's got violence and sex and blood and more blood and heads exploding and shit.  It's got everything a kung-fu loving brother with funk in his veins could want.  So here's some...
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