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Top 10 Singers or Musicians Who Became Famous Actors (video)

The leap from music success to acting stardom seems like a natural one nowadays. Being on a stage and captivating a crowd requires charisma and showmanship, which can translate well into a film career. Plus, it helps that most famous musicians are gorgeous, which checks off about ten items on the “movie star requirements” checklist. So many musicians have crossed over into...
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Disney finds its live-action Mulan director with Niki Caro

Finally, Walt Disney Pictures has announced their pick for director of the live-action adaptation of MULAN, one of many films belonging to the House of Mouse's legendary library of animated classics. As reported earlier today by The Hollywood Reporter, Whale Rider and McFarland, USA director Niki Caro will be helming the project, marking only the second time a female director has...
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Movie in a Nutshell - Independence Day

In case you missed it twenty years ago, a little movie called INDEPENDENCE DAY came out, which shot The Fresh Prince into superstardom and gave us a rip-roarin' good time at the movies in the summer of 1996. Yeah, it was cheesy and preposterous, but it also featured Jeff Goldblum doing his very best Jeff Goldblum , the best motivational speech by a movie president of all time, an...
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Independence Day Resurgence; new title and a peek at some BTS images!

UPDATE #1: Official title for the sequel is INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE! Check out the title treatment in motion below!: UPDATE #2: A look at the Earth Space Defense logo from the film as well as the Alien/Jet Hybrid plane that the good guys will be using. Update #3: More BTS images, including director Roland Emmerich standing with the new...
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Maika Monroe lands the female lead in Independence Day 2

We may not have asked for it but Roland Emmerich 's sequel to INDEPENDENCE DAY is certainly pulling out all the stops when it comes to scooping up as many actors from the first film as it can; we've got Jeff Goldblum , Bill Pullman , Brent Spiner , Vivica Fox , and Judd Hirsch reprising their roles from the original film with ID4 newcomers Jessie Usher, Liam Hemsworth ,...
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Roland Emmerich confirms Bill Pullman will return for Independence Day 2

To Roland Emmerich 's credit, he's going to great lengths to make up for the lack of Will Smith in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2. Jeff Goldblum , Liam Hemsworth , Vivica Fox , Charlotte Gainsbourg , and Jessie User have already signed on for lead roles, but fan favorite Brent Spiner has also been confirmed, and we have another big member of the first movie making a...
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Brent Spiner and Joey King join Independence Day 2

Roland Emmerich is plenty busy putting together a sequel that's nearly two decades overdue, but I digress. This latest bit of casting should appease some fans of the original, as it's been announced that Brent Spiner will be making return trip to the world of INDEPENDENCE DAY. Best known for his portrayal of Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Spiner went on to embody...
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A live-action version of Mulan is in the works at Disney

So can we just assume that every Disney animated film is going to get the live-action treatment now? The Hollywood Reporter brought us the news that Disney is developing a live-action version of their 1998 animated film MULAN, having bought a script from Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek. The animated film's synopsis: To save her father from death in the army, a young...
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Independence Day 2 officially beginning production May 2015

20th Century Fox has made it official and given the go ahead to the INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel, ID4EVER, to begin production in May of next year. While the studio locked in a release date a while back, this is the first official step forward since Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin worked on the screenplay. We have heard rumors that Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman may reprise their roles...
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The animated movie Animal Crackers might have the strangest voice cast ever

Forget the reveal of the new STAR WARS title and forget the news of a fourth TOY STORY movie - today we celebrate something bigger. We celebrate finding out about a movie called ANIMAL CRACKERS (not the great Marx Bros. feature), an animated tale about a mysterious box of Animal Crackers! Now before you get on the phone and text all your friends, wait until you hear who is voicing...
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Jeff Goldblum says he has a part in the Independence Day sequel

Despite Will Smith refusing to return for the developing sequels to INDEPENDENCE DAY, another star of the first film seems keen to reprise his role. Jeff Goldblum , who personified 1990s scifi with his turns in ID4 and JURASSIC PARK, has not confirmed whether he will appear in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2, but it seems the plans are leaning that way. Goldblum was interviewed by Time...
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Carter Blanchard to rewrite Independence Day 2 script

Last fall Roland Emmerich said he and James Vanderbilt were preparing two screenplays for ID4EVER , just in case Will Smith decided to return for the INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel. Will Smith won't be back as Captain Steven Hiller though, and it appears Emmerich and Vanderbilt need some help figuring out how to do a sequel without Big Willie. Deadline is reporting...
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