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Awfully Good: Mirror Mirror

As you prepare for THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR, here's another Snow White movie nobody really asked for…   Mirror Mirror (2012)   Director: Tarsem Stars: Julia Robert, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer   The classic Snow White story… Now with 100% more Julia Roberts poop face! Julia Roberts rubs...
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UPDATE: Director Joseph Kosinski and Tom Cruise may reunite for Go Like Hell

UPDATE: Variety is reporting that Cruise is actually up for the role of Shelby "who teamed with Henry Ford II and Ford executive Lee Iacocca to change the image of the Ford brand by making a splash in European car racing, which had been dominated by Ferrari cars." Still looking forward to it no matter who he winds up playing. Director Joseph Kosinski and Tom Cruise didn't...
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Set Visit: Immortals!

It’s summer and warm and bright in Montreal as I visit the set of IMMORTALS - although it doesn’t much matter what the conditions outside are. This is a movie that will be filmed entirely on a soundstage, inside a massive studio known as Cite du Cinema. I don’t know all that much about IMMORTALS, although for a while it has been known as that “other” movie about titans warring...
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