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Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick joins horror comedy Scouts vs Zombies

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be battling the undead in the upcoming MAGGIE, and it looks like his son also wants to get in on some zombie action. Deadline has learned Patrick Schwarzenegger has been cast in SCOUTS VS ZOMBIES as a "popular high school quarterback who is a rival to the boy scout troop." The horror comedy about "three high school Boy Scouts who must...
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Review: Open Grave

PLOT: A man wakes up in a giant grave filled with corpses; after escaping, he realizes that he has no memory of who or where he is. Soon he also discovers that there are several other people in the same predicament. REVIEW: Here's a rather twisty, unusual thriller that isn't just the same old thing. OPEN GRAVE begins with a rather familiar scenario - several strangers wake up...
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Creepy and mysterious trailer for horror thriller Open Grave with Sharlto Copley

A new trailer for director Gonzalo López-Gallego's OPEN GRAVE starring Sharlto Copley has dug its way online and looks like a pretty decent genre mash-up, elevated in part by Copley's presence. The horror thriller has shades of different genre flicks, like WRONG TURN and SAW, which could make for a hell of a good time. Copley, who usually plays the more outlandish...
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Set Visit: Immortals!

It’s summer and warm and bright in Montreal as I visit the set of IMMORTALS - although it doesn’t much matter what the conditions outside are. This is a movie that will be filmed entirely on a soundstage, inside a massive studio known as Cite du Cinema. I don’t know all that much about IMMORTALS, although for a while it has been known as that “other” movie about titans warring...
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