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Review: Collateral Beauty

PLOT: A creative exec ( Will Smith ) is unmoored by the death of his young daughter. Two years later, on the eve of an important merger, he’s yet to recover, leading his partners ( Edward Norton , Kate Winslet & Michael Pena ) to make an ambitious stab at snapping him back to reality by hiring three out-of-work actors to pose as “Time”, “Death”...
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Will Smith is very emotional in new trailer for Collateral Beauty

The holiday season is not just a time for big blockbusters or Oscar contenders, but also for sentimental tear-jerkers that seek to remind everyone what the meaning of life really is. They often have an A-list ensemble cast, and the primary color of their posters is usually white. This year that movie is shaping up to be COLLATERAL BEAUTY, a flick with a pretty great cast that...
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Love, time and death visit Will Smith in the trailer for Collateral Beauty

When a successful New York advertising executive ( Will Smith ) experiences a deep personal tragedy and retreats from life entirely, his colleagues devise a drastic plan to force him to confront his grief in a surprising and profoundly human way. A touch of A CHRISTMAS CAROL is in store for us today with the trailer for David Frankel 's COLLATERAL BEAUTY. Alright, so this...
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Amazon's Jack Ryan series will be a 10-hour movie combating ISIS

Amazon is not messing around with their coming JACK RYAN series . They are putting a lot of money into it and making it relevant to the times in an attempt to try to draw in viewership for John Krasinski 's turn as the character.  Speaking with Collider, Krasinski explained that this won't be your typical show but more of a movie told across 10-parts with a...
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Jack Ryan TV series starring John Krasinski officially happening at Amazon

So much for Chris Pine 's run as Jack Ryan on the big screen. The character is officially headed to digital content streamer Amazon in series form with THE OFFICE's John Krasinski taking over the role that was also once held by Harrison Ford , Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin . Amazon has given a green light to a 10-episode first season that Paramount, Skydance and...
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John Krasinski will star as Jack Ryan in Amazon's new TV series

The character of Jack Ryan has appeared in five films so far; THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER with Alec Baldwin , PATRIOT GAMES and CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER with Harrison Ford , THE SUM OF ALL FEARS with Ben Affleck , and finally JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT which had Chris Pine taking on the role. Unfortunately the latest Jack Ryan film squandered its great cast in a sub-par story and it...
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Keira Knightley may play Catherine the Great for director Barbra Streisand

Keira Knightley has appeared in more than her share of costume dramas, but as she's almost always great in them, why not add another to the slate? The Wrap reports that Keira Knightley is currently in early talks to star in Barbra Streisand 's upcoming Catherine the Great biopic. Streisand hasn't directed a film since 1996's THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES, but is...
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Updated: Carlton Cuse's Jack Ryan TV series has found a home at Amazon

UPDATE: Well that didn't take very long, it has now been reported that the Jack Ryan TV series has found a home at Amazon as the streaming service has given it a series order. Will you be watching? Over the course of five films and four actors, the Jack Ryan franchise based upon Tom Clancy 's books has slowly sputtered out. The latest film, JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT,...
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Morten Tyldum to direct And Then There Were None adaptation

Deadline has learned that Fox has tapped THE IMITATION GAME's Morten Tyldum to direct a movie version of the classic Agatha Christie mystery novel And Then There Were None . Apparently Tyldum is a huge fan of the book, and helped with the pitch, which reportedly "got the Christie estate excited." Eric Heisserer (2011's THE THING, FINAL DESTINATION 5) has...
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Chris Pine says Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is one of his deep regrets

JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT was one of the biggest disappointments of the year. It premiered way back in January, so most folks have already forgotten about it but one person who it has stuck with is star Chris Pine . Pine was the fourth actor to take on the Jack Ryan character after Harrison Ford (PATRIOT GAMES, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) and Ben Affleck (THE SUM OF ALL FEARS). While...
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Cool Videos: Benedict Cumberbatch doing impressions of celebrities

When I think of celebrities doing impressions of other celebrities, Benedict Cumberbatch is not the first name that comes to mind. Sure the man is talented and maybe he doesn’t nail every impression perfectly, but it’s still pretty man good. He manages to do 11 impressions in a minute for what’s called the “imitation Game” to promote his film, THE...
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Review: Laggies

PLOT: An aimless young woman, debating whether or not she should marry her longtime sweetheart, escapes from her life for a week and lives with a teenaged acquaintance and her lawyer father. REVIEW: LAGGIES is lucky it has such a good cast, because without the likes of Keira Knightley , Sam Rockwell and Chloe Grace Moretz buoying it, it would find itself sinking under the...
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