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Ty Burrell joins The Muppets 2 while Christoph Waltz drops out

In the weirdest casting change I have seen in a long time, MODERN FAMILY star Ty Burrell will take over the role previously linked with Christoph Waltz in THE MUPPETS 2. Burrell will portray an Interpol agent tracking The Muppets as they cross Europe. The Hollywood Reporter says Waltz dropped out of the film due to scheduling conflicts. With Jason Segel and Amy Adams...
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Kermit and crew invade England for The Muppets 2

With THE MUPPETS 2 gearing up to begin filming in January, it appears that the sequel will take Kermit and the rest of his fuzzy comrades across the pond. Director James Bobin was reported to be scouting St Paul's Cathedral in London for the film. So, does that mean THE MUPPETS 2 may be THE MUPPETS TAKE LONDON? Who knows, but it certainly opens up the cameo casting to include quite a...
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Casting double feature: Christoph Waltz in The Muppets 2, Harrison Ford and Zac Efron in thriller You Belong to Me

First up, Christoph Waltz has signed on to join The Muppets as they reprise their successful return to the big screen with a sequel to 2011's THE MUPPETS.  The first movie was loads of fun, and you could see the passion and love of Jason Segal for the property veritably bursting out of every puppet seam and film frame.  A sequel is now on the way, though without Segal's writing...
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