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Guy Ritchie to direct live-action Aladdin movie for Disney

Sigh. Is anyone really surprised by this news? With live-action remakes of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, LITTLE MERMAID, LION KING, and the recently announcement of MULAN  (among others) on the way, a resigned sigh is really the only response at this point. To be fair, the fact that Disney is in talks with  Guy Ritchie  to direct is kind of cool, as...
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Enchanted sequel Disenchanted on its way from Disney

You know, I really liked ENCHANTED. I thought Amy Adams was delightfully charming as a naive waif, without coming off cloying or annoying - which is a hard feat indeed. Everyone else in the cast - from Susan Sarandon vamping it up as the villain, James Marsden as the goofy Prince, and Patrick Dempsey Dempsey-ing it up - were all game as well. Even the love story that...
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Live-Action Mulan on the way from Disney

Disney just seems to love adapting their animated movies into live - action features . Maybe it has something to do with them destroying the box-office pretty much every time they're released. Or maybe they're out of ideas. I don't know, I'm not here to judge. Anyway, it's no surprise that they're digging deeper into their animated vault for more...
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Takashi Miike to direct film based on popular manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

I love Takashi Miike films. They are just so out there and f*cked up, especially his most popular films (at least in the US) AUDITION and ICHI THE KILLER. But what's great about the prolific director is that he does a variety of types of films, like the kid-friendly NINJA KIDS!!! or the colorful and faithful ACE ATTORNEY film based on the videogame. I mean, the man has...
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Cool Videos: Futurama gets the live-action remake treatment with Fan-O-Rama

Any Futurama fans out there? While we sit around waiting for the second resurrection of the animated series, a group of enterprising fans took it upon themselves to create their own Futurama fan-film by the name of Fan-O-Rama. Taking a departure from the series' animated roots, this fan-film will bring Bender, Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth, and all your other cartoon pals into...
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Peter Serafinowicz to star as The Tick in Amazon's live-action revival

Back in 2014, we brought you word that Amazon was planning on doing a live-action The Tick revival series , and although at the time it was being reported that Patrick Warburton was expected to reprise his titular role from the short-lived FOX show, Deadline has learned that British actor Peter Serafinowicz will play the big blue superhero in the pilot for the planned series....
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Ron Howard reportedly attached to direct Robert Downey Jr.'s Pinocchio

Robert Downey Jr. 's long-gestating PINOCCHIO flick may have finally found a director. Paul Thomas Anderson was the most recent filmmaker linked to the planned film, however he left the project back in November , and now The Tracking Board is reporting that Ron Howard is attached to direct the live-action movie. According to the site, Howard and Brian Grazer will...
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Sofia Coppola reveals why she dropped out of Universal's The Little Mermaid

Last year Sofia Coppola signed on to direct Universal's live-action adaptation of THE LITTLE MERMAID, however, the following summer she departed the project due to " creative differences. " I'd love if we could come up with a new term for that. The Wrap caught up with Sofia Coppola for an interview about A VERY MURRAY CHRISTMAS and the director elaborated...
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P.T. Anderson won't be directing Robert Downey Jr.'s live-action Pinocchio

I've got some disappointing news for those of you who were excited about the idea of a Paul Thomas Anderson -directed live-action PINOCCHIO movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Back in July , Warner Bros. and Downey enlisted Anderson to write a new draft for the long-in-development project, and there was also talk of him possibly helming it. But apparently that's no longer the...
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Nat Wolff cast as lead in Adam Wingard's live-action Death Note adaptation

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and PAPER TOWNS actor Nat Wolff wasn't able to land the gig as the new Spider-Man , but according to Variety , he is in final talks to star as the lead in Warner Bros.' live-action film version of the manga/anime series Death Note. While the character isn't mentioned by name in the site's report, based on the description ( "a student...
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Disney is still trying to make that Enchanted sequel

Eight years ago, Disney had a hit on their hands with ENCHANTED, which took many of their fairy tale/princess tropes and put a clever spin on them on the way to box office success. The Mouse had plans on moving forward with a sequel, attaching Anne Fletcher (THE PROPOSAL) to direct, but let's face it... it's 2015 and there hasn't been much movement on this follow-up actually happening....
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Christopher Nolan rumored to be working on live-action Akira trilogy for WB

It seemed like a live-action film version of AKIRA was once again dead in the water earlier this year before Warner Bros. hired Daredevil Season 2 showrunner Marco J. Ramirez to write a new script, and now a source tells Den of Geek that the studio is planning on doing a trilogy based on the dystopian story, possibly with Christopher Nolan . It's unknown to what capacity...
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