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CBS gives you a first look at Lucas Till as MacGyver improvising

I really hope "Improvise!" doesn't become the catchphrase for CBS' new iteration of MACGYVER hitting their network airwaves this fall, as it stood out to be as one of the more formulaic elements of the first look we've gotten off the reboot in action. And that's never good, although one can never tell what the general public will eat up for the primetime...
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James Wan brought in to direct new MacGyver pilot after first is scrapped

James Wan was instrumental in getting CBS' MacGyver reboot off the ground and at one point was set to direct the pilot episode himself. However, his feature film commitments led to Wan dropping out and he was replaced by David Von Ancken who directed the MacGyver pilot. Although the pilot was apparently good enough to warrant a series pickup by CBS, it won't be seeing the...
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The new MacGyver has been located in the X-Men Universe

Move over, Richard Dean Anderson. There's a new MACGYVER in town. Lucas Till , best known for playing Havok in Fox's X-Men Universe, will be putting together all sorts of contraptions to escape the stickiest of situations for CBS as the network hopes to rejuvenate a past property for modern audiences. The search for the lead role got complicated along the way as there was no script...
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A MacGyver movie is still being developed

Hollywood has been trying to jumpstart the MACGYVER brand for years. The original series, starring Richard Dean Anderson, ran from 1985 to 1992, and maintains a legacy of a hero who was always able to get himself out of troublesome situations by using whatever items were nearby to concoct a flawless escape. It's apparently been missed a great deal, because not only is CBS bringing forth a...
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MacGyver reboot lands at CBS; Fox developing Lethal Weapon TV series

Double the 80's, double the mullets; Angus MacGyver and Martin Riggs will soon be bringing their particular 80's charm to our television screens as we've learned that not only is a MacGyver reboot in the works at CBS, but also that Fox is developing a series based upon LETHAL WEAPON. CBS's new MacGyver series is being described as a " re-imagining " which...
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James Wan elaborates on his MacGyver remake and what happened to it

If you remember back to 2012 you'll recall that we reported that James Wan was in talks to direct a big-screen adaptation of the classic Richard Dean Anderson series MacGyver. Soon afterwards the Fast & Furious franchise came calling and James Wan had to give up his MacGyver plans to go make a little film by the name of FURIOUS 7 . James Wan recently spoke to...
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Cast This: MacGyver

Confused that James Wan was hired to direct MACGYVER? We are too! So ride the confusion with us, while we try to cast the man, the myth, the legend-- Angus MacGyver! After sitting on the idea of adapting MACGYVER from the small screen to the big one, New Line stepped it up and finally moved the project along. Wan, who is definitely a strange choice, will likely bring...
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