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Marley and Me is the latest feature film headed to the small screen

Television continues to mine the big screen for series ideas with the latest movie to be adapted being the 2008 hit MARLEY AND ME. Based on the non-fiction book of the same name, MARLEY AND ME chronicled the effect a rambunctious golden retriever puppy had on Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as he grew into a troublesome dog. NBC has ordered the pilot for the series. For those who...
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Celebrate the Mayan Apocalypse with supercuts of end of world movies and heartbreaking films

The end of days is coming, people! We are less than three days away from the final date on the Mayan long count calendar. Whether it be a mystery planet crashing into us MELANCHOLIA style or something far more awful, none of us will be around after Friday. So, that means no DJANGO UNCHAINED, no STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, and certainly no new STAR WARS movies. No, it will end abruptly...
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