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Review: Monsters Inc. 3D

PLOT : Monstropolis is a world created by monsters. The creatures that live there power their city by collecting the screams of the one thing that scares them… children. But when a little girl named Boo accidentally finds herself in their factory, the world they’ve created is thrown into monster sized trouble. REVIEW : Throughout the years, Pixar has made some of the best animated...
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The trailer and poster for Monsters Inc. 3D attempts to lure you back into the closet

Well, the 3D rehash-rollercoaster continues, this time with MONSTERS INC. 3D, following just three months after FINDING NEMO 3D debuts. On one hand I can see the merits of re-releasing these films as kids and adults both love them, but on the other it really does reek of a lazy cash grab.  That term is getting a little tired, but it does ring true for certain occasions. I'd much...
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