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Taissa Farmiga joins The Conjuring spinoff The Nun

Ugh! There's something about undead religious figures that unnerves me right to my core. Be it a bloodstained clergymen, a pale faced, over-tired-looking nun, or a grouping of forlorn disciples from the pages of The Bible, I want nothing to do with it. That being said, New Line seems to take no issue with this manner of imagery seeing as they've announced that Taissa...
2 days ago
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An R-rated animated Watchmen movie may be on the way

It's been eight years since the release of Zack Snyder 's live-action adaptation of the iconic Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons graphic novel, but it seems that Warner Bros. may be returning to WATCHMEN once again, but this time, as an R-rated animated movie. According to a report by CBR , a recent survey hosted on the Warner Bros. A-List Community site seems to reveal that an...
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Demian Bichir lands a starring role in The Conjuring spinoff The Nun

As the years have gone by, James Wan 's THE CONJURING has enjoyed quite a bit of success with an impressive slate of spinoff films spiraling out of the horror-thriller franchise. THE NUN marks the second time that characters from  James Wan 's universe have been granted an expanded, full-length feature treatment - the first being ANNABELLE, a film about a creepy...
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The Nun, a spinoff of The Conjuring, will haunt theaters the Summer of 2018

Well well well, it appears as if James Wan 's THE CONJURING is doing quite well for itself, as yet another spinoff of the well-received horror film is being fast-tracked for a Summer 2018 release. Today, Warner Bros.' New Line Cinema label has confirmed that THE NUN will gear up to scare the daylights our of moviegoers on July 13, 2018 . THE NUN marks the second time that...
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Universal snags Sci-Fi thriller Extinction with Michael Pena set to star

It's been announced today that ANT-MAN co-star and all around charming individual, Michael Pena , has been cast in the Ben Young directed alien invasion Sci-Fi Thriller EXTINCTION for Universal. In the film, Pena will portray a man suffering from persistent nightmares of losing his family. Then, when the planet is invaded by a formidable alien force, Pena's character will...
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Director John Lee Hancock speaks out about Michael Keaton's Oscar snub

A list of great performers are up for the Oscar for Best Actor, but Michael Keaton , for his performance in THE FOUNDER, isn't one of them. The film, telling the story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast food eatery, McDonald's, into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world, is out in theaters now . . . but you'd be hard-pressed to find one....
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Corin Hardy will take the helm of The Nun, a spinoff of The Conjuring

When you combine the global box-office take of James Wan 's CONJURING movies as well as ANNABELLE, its first spinoff, you come very close to nearly $900 million. That figure is made all the more impressive when when you realize that the combined budget of all three movies was merely $66 million, suddenly, Warner Bros.' interest in cranking out more spinoff's is very...
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Jason Momoa, Amber Heard & Patrick Wilson sit down for an Aquaman table read

For years, it's been easy for the general public to dismiss Aquaman, after all, who's going to take a man in sparkly orange and green spandex who talks to fish seriously? Thankfully, Warner Bros. took a big step towards putting that attitude to rest for once and for all when they hired Jason Momoa to play Aquaman. We caught a brief glimpse of Momoa's Aquaman in BATMAN V...
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Michael Keaton & Patrick Wilson talk about their roles as comic villains

With superhero and comic-book movies being more and more prevalent than ever before, it's no surprise when actors who have played - or are going to play - comic-book characters are in the same movie together. It used to be a novelty, like when you realized The Joker and The Penguin were in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, while now the entire main cast of AMERICAN HUSTLE...
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Review: The Hollow Point

PLOT: The new Sherriff ( Patrick Wilson ) of a small town near the U.S/ Mexican border gets mixed up with a cartel plot to smuggle bullets over the border. Ill-equipped to deal with the sociopathic cartels, he’s forced to rely on the help of the former Sherriff ( Ian McShane ), who’s methods he’s long despised but now seem unavoidable. REVIEW: Ian...
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Patrick Wilson to join Jason Momoa in Aquaman as Ocean Master

Even since AQUAMAN was first announced with James Wan taking the helm, fans have been wondering which villain would be facing off against The King of the Seven Seas. Although many expected Black Manta to take on that role, today's casting announcement reveals that a very different baddie will be taking center stage. Deadline reports that Patrick Wilson (THE CONJURING) will be...
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Review: The Founder

PLOT: The story of Ray Kroc ( Michael Keaton ), a middle-aged travelling salesman who turns a small-time hamburger joint named McDonalds into a worldwide behemoth. REVIEW: Full disclosure: my first job ever was at McDonald’s. As a pimple-faced seventeen year old, recently slimmed down from somewhere near 250 pounds to a leaner 190, I remember vividly working as a lobby...
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