Ian McKellen playing Gandalf again, this time on stage!

No, unfortunately there's not another LORD OF THE RINGS musical secretly in the works (which is actually nice because it means my play LORD OF THE SINGS is still open for business!) but Ian McKellen is indeed gonna play Gandalf on the London stage. He'll actually be playing multiple roles of his from the past (fingers crossed for Magneto and the polar bear from GOLDEN...
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Natalie Portman out, Marion Cotillard in for new version of Macbeth with Michael Fassbender

Is the whole world against Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender working together? The two almost joined forces for JANE GOT A GUN before he left the project in March, and now Deadline has learned that Portman will no longer be playing Lady Macbeth opposite Fassbender in a new version of MACBETH. Instead, Marion Cotillard has signed on to star as the scheming leading lady...
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Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman to star in a new version of MacBeth with added battle sequences

Despite almost working together on JANE'S GOT A GUN, Natalie Portman has found another project to appear in opposite Michael Fassbender . According to Screen Daily , the two will play the title characters in a new version of William Shakespeare 's MACBETH. Portman will play Lady to Fassbender's Lord in what I can only describe as awesome casting. This new version...
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Theatre: Book of Mormon Q & A with Trey Parker and Matt Stone

When word spread that the creators of “South Park” and Robert Lopez of “Avenue Q” fame were going to create a musical, it just seemed crazy enough to work. However like much of what Trey Parker and Matt Stone had done before, “The Book of Mormon”- a comedy/musical about Mormon missionaries in Uganda – seemed like it might be a little too controversial, even for Broadway. That was before it...
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