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Justin Lin says that he's "getting closer every day" to filming Space Jam 2

Do you know what time it is? That's right, it's time to bust out your SPACE JAM 2 bingo cards, and give yourself a chip if you have a space marked August 1st, 2017! It's been a while since we last heard of any news regarding FAST & FURIOUS director Justin Lin 's followup to the 1996 Looney Tunes theatrical animation SPACE JAM. Then, while promoting his upcoming...
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LeBron James developing new television series There Goes the Neighborhood

Now, I'm not a sports guy. At all. I, no joke, thought for the longest time LeBron James was a football player, not a basketball player. So I don't care how many home runs he makes per game, or how many times he's sent to the penalty box for fighting on the ice, this is a movie and TV news site, so I'm only here to report that James has a new development deal with...
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Space Jam director has a few words of advice for the sequel: "Don't do it"

Here's your daily "shit, I'm old" moment, it's been twenty years since SPACE JAM first hit theaters. The sports/comedy which blended the wacky world of Looney Tunes with the wacky world of the NBA was a definite crowd-pleaser back in the day and although it took some time, a sequel is now in the works. Earlier this month it was announced that LeBron James would...
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Space Jam 2 finally happening with LeBron James and Justin Lin

Fans of the original SPACE JAM have been calling for a sequel to happen for a number of years. Rumors have often placed LeBron James as the most likely NBA superstar to command another squad in a game of intergalactic hoops, but to this point, nothing had come about from all that wishing and speculating. That is... until today. Justin Lin is in talks to helm SPACE JAM 2 that...
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Space Jam 2 is coming with LeBron James as the lead: No word on Bill Murray

"Well, he said he wanted to be better than MJ, now’s his chance to prove it!" said JoBlo himself when commenting on this news, but I think some of you are going to be little less kind about SPACE JAM 2, especially if you agreed with this week's C'mon, Hollywood! Besides being inspired by Bane recently , Deadline is reporting LeBron James will also star...
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