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F*Bombs - The Big Lebowski (Video)

Ever wonder how many F Bombs are dropped in some of your favorite movies like PULP FICTION , SUPERBAD , and THE BIG LEBOWSKI ? Well, JoBlo's got you covered with our all-new series F*BOMBS . Here we count each and every use of the word f*ck in select classic flicks. So break out your calculators and try to keep up with our third episode of F*BOMBS with the Coen...
3 days ago
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Coen Brothers The Ballad of Buster Scruggs western series detailed

When you read entertainment news each and every day for a living, some stories are bound to slip through the cracks. Though how this is first I'm learning of the Coen Brothers planned Western omnibus THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS is beyond my comprehension.  The show has been in the pipeline for a while, now. However, today it's been confirmed that The Coen...
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Teaser for action-comedy Game Over, Man from Workaholics cast released

While it was never must-see TV for me, I always enjoyed when I'd sit down and watch an episode of WORKAHOLICS. True, it was never wholly original; however, I think the easy repertoire and chemistry between the three leads - Adam DeVine , Anders Holm and Blake Anderson - more than made up for that. So it's understandable that they'd try to parlay that relationship...
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John "Pops" Witherspoon says another Friday movie is imminent

Happy Friday, party people! It's a shame that this news didn't drop yesterday on 4/20, but what are you going to do? Coming at you live from the Power 95.3 Get Up Crew, FRIDAY actor John Witherspoon cruised by the studio and dropped one hell of an info bomb when he stated that, "I was at the airport, I saw Ice Cube , and Cube said they were going to do...
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Adult Swim greenlights two new shows, Apollo Gauntlet and Hot Streets

Man, I love me some Adult Swim. Hell, I remember when it first premiered with those bumpers that showed grainy footage of old people in a community pool. I still have fond memories of AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, HOME MOVIES, and SEALAB 2021.  Anyway, two new 15-minute shows are being produced for Adult Swim that sound like Adult Swim shows. First up is APOLLO GAUNTLET, based on a...
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Cool Videos: Jeff Bridges reprises The Dude for John Goodman's star ceremony

THE BIG LEBOWSKI is the cult classic to reign over all cult classics. There are many factors that make up the movie’s legacy, but most notable of them all are the performances by Jeff Bridges (The Dude) and John Goodman as (Walter). Despite both having illustrious careers, these characters will rank among their most beloved work, and will be admired long after the two have...
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Nobody f**ks with the Jesus in first look at John Turturro's Going Places

It's been close to twenty years since Jesus Quintana ( John Turturro ) first brought his own particular brand of ball-shining craziness to Joel and Ethan Coen 's THE BIG LEBOWSKI, and the character is set to return in GOING PLACES, an upcoming film which has been written and directed by Turturro himself. In addition to serving as a BIG LEBOWSKI spin-off, the flick is also a...
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John Turturro returning as the Jesus in Big Lebowski spin-off Going Places

We haven't seen the last of the Jesus, which makes sense since nobody f*cks with him.  John Turturro 's latest film GOING PLACES, which he's currently in production on, apparently will see the actor reprising his role from THE BIG LEBOWSKI in a spin-off of sorts. According to Birth.Movies.Death, Turturro is directing this remake of the 1974 French comedy LES...
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Top 10 Movie Mustaches (video)

Hey, hipster carpenter, I bet you think your mustache is pretty amazing, don't you? Well you’re wrong! It’s weak and ineffectual, just like your horribly-made desk. You know what a real mustache looks like? Then consult the ten men featured in our newest video, Top 10 Movie Mustaches. All the greats are here, as well as a few you wouldn’t expect. So sit down, put down the Pabst Blue...
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Jeff Bridges is up for a sequel to The Big Lebowski

Given the choice, it seems that Hollywood would much prefer to milk some pre-existing IP rather than give us something new. That's not to say that some of these projects don't have merit, but as long as we keep throwing money at them we can pretty much guarantee that at some point in our lives something we love will be remixed, remade, reimagined, and regurgitated. Don't...
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James Bobin talks challenges of the Men in Black/Jump Street crossover movie

As we learned last month , MUPPETS MOST WANTED director James Bobin has been set by Sony to helm MIB 23, and the filmmaker recently talked a little about the MEN IN BLACK/21 JUMP STREET crossover movie during a conversation with CinemaBlend . Bobin says one of the challenges he faces with the project is combining the tones of the two franchises, but he's quite pleased with the...
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Exclusive Video: Top 10 Performances by Actors who were Allegedly High

Since today is 4/20 a.k.a. National Marijuana Day (or just another Wednesday, if you're Woody Harrelson ), we've decided to rank the Top 10 performances by actors who were allegedly high on weed or other drugs. Some of these are well-known, like Wesley Snipes being blazed out of his mind while filming for BLADE: TRINITY, but I think there are few on here that might surprise. So...
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