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WB announces two untitled DCEU films

Besides JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN, there doesn't seem to be many official releases for the rest of the DCEU films. Sure many have been announced (GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, BATGIRL, THE FLASH, SHAZAM!, GREEN LANTERNS, SUICIDE SQUAD 2, THE BATMAN, theoretically still CYBORG). However, according to Scott Mendelson of Forbes, it seems Warner Bros. has finally scheduled at least two untitled...
7 days ago
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Wonder Woman's badass No Man's Land scene was almost a no-go

Holy shit, WONDER WOMAN is a blast! If you haven't seen it yet, you should. And look - I get it. The DCEU has broken the hearts of many comic-book fans (for some it's already a "three strikes and you're out" thing). However, the complaints commonly lobbied against the current crop of DC films, such as them being overly grimdark, depressing,...
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Ryan Gosling's directorial debut Lost River gets day-and-date VOD release

Back in May of this year we showed you the strange teaser for Ryan Gosling ’s first feature LOST RIVER; the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival to mostly negative opinion. Have no fear though, if you were one of the many drawn in by the films bizarre story and puzzling trailer, you will finally get to see the finished project. Warner Bros. will give a limited U.S....
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Ridley Scott reveals what Harrison Ford thinks of the Blade Runner 2 script

While busy making the press rounds for his latest release EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS , director Ridley Scott revealed some interesting information when it comes to the sequel to BLADE RUNNER and a few words on PROMETHEUS 2. Last month we heard that the Scott would not be sitting in the director’s chair for the BLADE RUNNER sequel and instead he would be acting as a producer....
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Michael Bay hires Machete Kills writer for car movie Cosmic Motors

Michael Bay isn’t getting out of the cool car business just yet; he’s set to produce a film for Warner Bros. based on a book of futuristic designs by Daniel Simon called “Cosmic Motors”. Simon has designed vehicles for movies like CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER , PROMETHEUS , OBLIVION , and TRON LEGACY . Released in 2007, the book shows different...
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Matthew McConaughey wanted for Randall Flagg role in The Stand adaptation

This coming Monday, Matthew McConaughey could win an Emmy for his fantastic performance on True Detective; which would sit perfectly next to the Oscar he won earlier this year for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB . A man of talent and class, it’s no wonder he’s in high demand these days. He will be starring in Christopher Nolan 's anticipated epic INTERSTELLAR this November,...
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Gerard Butler signs on to Dean Devlin's Geostorm

Besides starring as Bodhi in the POINT BREAK remake, it looks like Gerard Butler has signed on to another project. This one is a sci-fi flick from Dean Devlin . That name sound familiar? Well, it should. Devlin is not only a well-known producer but also a writer on UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, STARGATE, and INDEPENDENCE DAY. What’s interesting here is that Devlin will be taking on his...
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Andy Serkis set to direct The Jungle Book for Warner Bros.

Andy Serkis is going from Gollum and apes to the director’s chair. If your first thought is ”Does he have any experience?” allow me to dazzle you. While this is the feature directorial debut for the actor, he actually served as second unit director on Peter Jackson ’s HOBBIT flicks. Remember the awesome barrel chase scene? That was his work. Keep in mind that there are...
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Neil Gaiman will meet with Joseph Gordon-Levitt today about Sandman movie

Over the weekend during a Q & A at the San Jose Cinquest Film Festival, Neil Gaiman revealed he will be meeting with Joseph Gordon-Levitt today about his SANDMAN adaptation. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal, right? What's interesting is Gaiman's comments about his upcoming meeting. He sounds pretty excited Gordon-Levitt, David S. Goyer and writer Jack Thorne are...
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Warner Bros. will bring Minecraft to the big screen

You had to know it was coming—a big screen adaptation of MINECRAFT. Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to open world game, MINECRAFT. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now. Someone you know plays it whether it’s your kid, a workmate, your spouse, etc. I know people who aren’t even into conventional gaming that love MINECRAFT. Just in case you’ve been living under a very large...
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Updated: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to produce Neil Gaiman's Sandman; will possibly star and direct

UPDATED: Gordon-Levitt just posted this message on his official facebook page: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm incredibly honored to be working with David Goyer, Warner Bros, and Neil Gaiman on SANDMAN. ‪#‎Prelude‬" Recently we reported on a rumor from Badass Digest that David S. Goyer was pitching an adaptation of Neil Gaiman 's Sandman with Joseph...
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Leonardo DiCaprio to possibly play Woodrow Wilson in biopic

When I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to take a break from acting, I figured it was due. The guy constantly delivers and deserves a break. Then he's like, "No, wait…I'm not taking a break now." So instead of going to the club and dancing with his e-cig or enjoying his girlfriend's barely bikini'd booty on a yacht, DiCaprio continues to do eye future roles. Note that he will...
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