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JimmyO's Weight Loss or... How I Lost a Ton of Weight Within A year

Over the past few years working at JoBlo.com, one thing has drastically changed for me personally. If you look back at some of the interviews Iíve done, youíll see that my weight became a huge issue Ė pardon the pun. And to be perfectly honest, it wasnít looking good for my health. Friends and family were noticing and occasionally mentioning it, but the change took place when I simply...
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Jared Leto has joined the disturbing weight loss club for the movie Dallas Buyer's Club

You may remember seeing the photos of an emaciated Matthew McConaughey for his upcoming movie DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB. The film follows Ron Woodroof, "a tough Texas electrician who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and given six months to live. Unwilling to accept the doctors diagnosis Woodruff became frustrated by the lack of medical options. He found alternative drugs that created a lucrative...
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