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David Duchovny hunts Charles Manson in the trailer for NBC's Aquarius

Before David Duchovny reprises his role as Agent Fox Mulder on next year's event series return for THE X-FILES, he will return to network television as a different type of law enforcement for the event series Aquarius. In the 13 episode event series, Duchovny will hunt for none other than notorious killer Charles Manson. Duchovny leads a cast made up primarily of unknowns including...
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C'mon, Hollywood! Quit using computer generated blood effects!

Nitpicking a film is something that I honestly don't enjoy doing. I hate to ruin a good movie for myself by hating on the small things, but something I always have a difficult time overlooking is computer generated blood effects. While I wouldn't say CGB has ever been the deciding factor on whether a movie was good or not, the fact is when it's used (and noticeable) it...
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