Ryan Doom


Batman, 70's detective shows (Columbo), horror, old school detective novels, Dylan, Fletch, Star Trek, South Park, The Wire, Lost, Criminal, Incognito, attempting to write novels, good horror, good rock music, being vague and not carrying what you think. Oh, and my book: The Brothers Coen: Unique Characters of Violence. Buy it today!

Favorite Movies

Seven, Evil Dead, Road Warrior, Chinatown, everything John Carpenter made until Village of the Damned, anything Hitchcock, Blade Runner, Enter the Dragon, classic noir, Bogart, Star Trek II, Bond, Goonies, Princess Bride, Silence of the Lambs, bad action movies (looking at you Van Damme), Goodfellas, anything Coen Brother (namely Miller's Crossing and Big L) and Batman (not you Clooney)

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